About Me

Now I am more into capturing images of sunrise/sunset and sky photography.

I am/was passionate about Maps (Google Maps) who would map news and events happening around the world. I used feeds (api calls) from Twitter, YouTube to map news and events. Take a look at my Google Maps website at (mibazaar.com) for numerous Google Maps Mashup I have created.

The Beginnings
My interest in Google Maps started with Hurricane Katrina. Right around the time when Hurricane Katrina struck the US Gulf Coast, leaving behind trail of destruction, I bumped into a Google Maps Blog (googlemapsmania). From here I got a great idea of how I could use Google Maps API to help out folks in and around the New Orleans area. I created a map showing where businesses were opening up after the Hurricane was gone. I got lots of good feedback from this mashup which encouraged me to create more mashups.

I am really proud of my "Barack Obama Journey of Life Map" which was featured at maps.google com homepage. Techcrunch also had featured this mashup.

Here's my Journey of Life:

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One my most popular Mashups: Barack Obama's Journey of life

Here's a Google Earth Version of Barack Obama's Journey of Life: